recovery and restore windows 7

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

Just follow these steps to getting your system back to the way it’s supposed to be running:
1. Go to Start → Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Restore
2. As a new feature in Windows 7, your computer analyzes the best point in the past to go to, in order to solve any issues you’re having – just be patient, it’ll take a second.
3. After the system restore tool has looked into your restore points, it’ll suggest the best one to return to → if you know that point is compromised, select the option to “see more restore points”, if the point is good however, initiate the system restore.
4. This next step can take a few minutes, so you might want to work on something else – your computer is rebuilding itself back to what it used to be before things went horribly wrong.
5. Assuming the restore went well, you should boot back up to find your desktop waiting for you and working well.
6. If the restore didn’t go well, you’ll want to go to our second featured way to restore Windows 7.
Ultimately, for those users who aren’t too familiar with computers, this method is user friendly and tends to work in about 75-80% of all cases. However, when you tinker with computers as much as I do (and I bet many of you do), this option simply isn’t enough, which is why you should try…

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